-The Denver Post:                                                                              Commentator, Rachael Johnson

-Washington City Paper:                                                                               Theater Critic, Rachael Johnson



-Indian Country Today:                                                                                     Editor/Reporter, Rachael Johnson

-Roll Call:                                                                                                         Reporter, Rachael Johnson

John Lewis Shares His Story of Struggle

-Quartz:                                                                                                                There's One Huge Difference Between Beyonce and Madonna

-NBC/The Grio:                                                                                                         The wage gap: 64 cents is not pocket change for black women

-RCJNews:                                                                                                        ReporterBlogger, Rachael Johnson   

Mayor Edward Koch's Final Tribute Mourners say goodbye to one of NYC's finest

-Columbia Journalism School:                                                                      Motion Sensing the Ballet


Performers from FRESHH Inc Theater Company rehearse a scene from Johnson's play "The Last Black Woman on Earth." Johnson's work was featured in the Next to Kin Festival honoring Octavia Butler in Washington, D.C.



Rachael has presented short plays of her work at theaters in Washington, D.C., including the FRESHH Inc Theater Company (now defunct), Theater Alliance’s Hot House, and the Page-to-Stage Festival at the Kennedy Center.


Her TV writing has earned her a Second Round placement (top 20 percent out of more than 14,000 applicants) at the 2021 Austin Film Festival, recognition from Roadmap Writers through its BIPOC Initiative, as well as placing second in the Independent Filmmaker Pitchfest.

As a writer/producer for the Starz network, Rachael wrote and produced one of the first original programs for Starz called "Looking for Stars". She also coordinated, wrote and produced numerous short-form segments for Starz, StarzEdge and Starz inBlack. Rachael also covered film junkets, on camera, for Starz inBlack.

To request samples of her work for representation, please send an email to